Workers’ Comp for Property Managers in Office Accidents

March 14, 2022


Property managers have a lot on their plates. Between overseeing tenants, dealing with repairs, and handling finances, it's a wonder they find time to eat! 

But one thing that property managers may often forget is workers’ compensation insurance. As a property manager, this type of insurance is vital for protecting your business in the event that an employee is injured on the job. 

In this blog post, we will discuss what workers’ comp for property managers covers and how to get quotes for this type of insurance.

Workers’ Comp for Property Managers in office accidents

If a property manager is involved in an office accident, such as if someone falls down the stairs or cuts themselves on a paper cutter, workers’ compensation insurance will protect both the company and the employee while they recover. 

Workers’ comp for property managers can cover medical costs and lost wages for the injured worker, as well as any legal fees that may arise from a lawsuit filed by an employee due to negligence or other reasons. 

Workers’ compensation insurance is also required by law in most states, so it's important to purchase this type of coverage if you don't already have it. 

Which type of insurance can Property Managers carry to cover accidents that occur in the office?

If an accident occurs in the office, you'll want to ensure you have the proper workers’ compensation coverage in place. 

Property managers should also consider carrying commercial general liability insurance to protect them from a variety of accidents that could occur to customers or others in the office, such as slips and falls, fires, or even injuries caused by employees.

Liability insurance can protect property managers against claims resulting from damages to people or property. Liability insurance can cover the cost of medical fees, legal costs, settlements, and payouts that arise from an accident.

What to look out for when getting Property Management Workers’ Comp Insurance Quotes

When looking for workers’ compensation insurance quotes, be sure to ask about coverage for office accidents. Policies will vary, so it is important to review your policy and understand what type of coverage you have.

Be sure to also compare quotes from different providers. Rates will vary depending on the size of your company and the type of work that is done. 

It's also important to read the fine print so you know what is and isn't covered by your policy. 

Some policies may only cover accidents that occur on the property, while others may also cover injuries that happen away from work. 

Choosing a provider of workers’ comp for property managers that offers instant online quoting is the best way to get your insurance approved quickly.

For property management companies that have properties in multiple states, it's important to find a policy that is valid in all of the states where your properties are located.

Get Workers’ Comp for Property Managers today!

Kickstand Insurance offers instant quotes on property management workers’ comp insurance policies across the majority of the United States, and we even provide instant quotes in a number of states. Explore options with our expert team - Get an instant quote today!

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