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General Questions

When are you legally required to have WC?
What is the price based on?
Do you have general liability or any other types of insurance?

Quote Process Questions

What happens after I fill out the quote form?
How soon will I get a quote?
Can I see the status of my quote?
How long does it take to buy workers comp if I like the quote?
I filled something out incorrectly, how can I adjust it?
I’m not good with all this tech stuff, can someone help me on the phone?
What states do you sell insurance in?
Can you help me if I have locations in multiple states?
I’m a very high risk industry (ex - roofer). Do you have policies for me?
Who are you? Are you trustworthy?
Can you help me fill out the quote form? I’m not sure which options to choose.

Policy Questions

How do I get my certificate of insurance?
How quickly can I get my certificate of insurance after I buy?
Can you help me create a safety or drug free plan so I qualify for the credit?
Will I have issues at audit? How do I know that your price is accurate?
Do you have payment plans?
Are there dividends available?
Where can I find a copy of my loss run?
What happens if I have a claims/injured worker?
Where can I check my balance or pay my bill?

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