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What is a Certificate of insurance?

An ACORD 25 is a certificate of insurance, and it is generally a one-page document that provides a summary of the most important information regarding your business insurance policy. 

This page is often called a workers’ comp certificate of insurance among other names. 

The form essentially serves as proof that a company has  insurance coverage, and it can be provided by your insurance company when you purchase a business insurance policy.

Telling a client that you have coverage, such as a workers’ comp certificate, is not enough. You need to prove it by showing them.

Acord 25

Why Do You Need a Workers’ Compensation Certificate?

Most states require that companies have workers’ compensation insurance, and these forms are the proof you need when you are signing a client contract, providing services to a government organization, or entering into a business partnership, for example.

The certificate of insurance for workers' compensation helps to provide your clients and potential clients with some reassurance. 

If one of your employees suffers an illness or injury related to work while they are working on the client’s project, it shows you will be capable of covering the cost of medical bills, employee lawsuits, and lost wages. It ensures there is protection for your clients.

If you have an existing policy and you request a workers’ comp certificate, you will find that it can even help you to win a contract. When you provide this information to the clients even before they ask, they will appreciate your forward thinking.

Other companies might not do this. They might only present the form after they have received the job. 

While there’s nothing necessarily wrong with this, it doesn’t do anything to help make your business stand apart from the competition.

If you take the initiative, on the other hand, and have the form ready, it will help your business to stand out, thereby increasing the odds of your company getting the contract. 

It may even mean you can start the job earlier since everything is in order and you don’t have to wait for confirmation and a copy of the certificate. 

This can be a benefit for large and small businesses alike.

How long does it take to get a Workers’ Compensation Certificate?

This depends on the agent and the insurance company. If you have a policy with Kickstand, we know that time is of the essence when it comes to certificate requests. That’s why we do our best to get them to you as quickly as we can. 

Certificates are usually issued 24 hours after the policy is bound. Let us know if you need it quicker and we will rush it.

How Do I Get a Workers’ Compensation Certificate?

If you have coverage, you should be able to request the workman’s comp certificate from the insurance agents. If you have an active policy with Kickstand Insurance, fill out this form to request a copy of your certificate

If you don’t have a policy yet, get one. Choose the insurance options that make the most sense for your business, so you can then get your COI. 

Make sure you have a firm understanding of the types of insurance required for your business. Having more insurance than you might need is not necessarily a bad idea.

Document with workers’ compensation insurance quote surrounded by insurance icons

Professionals can often send it to you in just a short time. They will generally send an email, which is what you’ll need for your client before you can get started with work in most cases.

Generally, if you have the form in your email, it will be enough. However, you might also want to have a hard copy. While inspectors won’t always show up to a site to see whether you have coverage, you don’t want to take the chance. 

Always make sure you have a copy of the form handy for whoever needs to see it. This all needs to be done before you start working.

If you don’t have one in place, you may end up receiving a stop order, meaning you can’t continue with the job until the insurance issues are resolved. This is not something any company would want to occur, as it is going to look very bad to your clients.

How much does a certificate of insurance cost?

If you have a policy, it doesn’t cost any money to request a certificate. Since you already are paying the insurance premiums, it is a service that is included as it is merely proof that your policy is active.

FAQs about certificates of Insurance

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