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Why do Electricians need
Workers' Compensation Insurance?

Comply with state laws

Comply with state laws

Avoid fines

Avoid fines

Protect your employees

Protect your employees

Protection from lawsuits

Protection from lawsuits

...'cause they can get hurt

Although wondrous, electricity can sometimes be dangerous. Electricians work with live wires and sharp tools. They climb ladders and crawl through hazardous conditions to get the job done. While most electricians are safety conscious and do their best to protect themselves, accidents do happen.

  Common electrician injuries

  • Electrical injuries
  • Electric shock
  • Electrical burns
  • Loss of muscle control
  • Thermal burns

Common types of Electrician workers we can insure

Burglar And Fire Alarm Installer Insurance

Burglar And Fire Alarm Installer

Electrician/Electrical Contractor Insurance

Electrician/Electrical Contractor

Home Theater Equipment Insurance

Home Theater Equipment

Low Voltage Electrician Insurance

Low Voltage Electrician

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Do electricians need workers' compensation insurance? Definitely. The risks in electrical work, such as working at heights, handling high voltage systems, or navigating underground spaces, require specialized protection. Kickstand Insurance offers workers' comp policies that address these specific dangers. Protect yourself from medical and financial losses with coverage that meets the unique needs of electricians. Get your tailored quote from us today.

What type of injuries does
Workers' Comp Insurance cover?

Workers' comp insurance covers both the employer and the injured worker. Like all types of insurance, it acts as a safety net in case of an accident.

If a worker gets hurt on the job, the insurance company will help cover the costs associated with their care so the worker is well taken care of until they return to work.

Since the company had a workers' comp policy, they do not need to pay anything towards the bills.

What will Electrician Insurance pay for?

  • Medical bills
  • Rehab and therapy expenses
  • Lost wages and disability benefits
  • Funeral cost
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How much does Workers' Comp Insurance
for Electricians cost?

On average, workers' compensation insurance for electricians, based on an annual payroll of $50,000, costs $111 per month.

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What's the cost based on?

The National Council of Compensation Insurance (NCCI) sets a fixed rate for every industry.

The rate is based on the level of risk for that job description.

Premiums are primarily calculated by using your payroll numbers and your NCCI class code.

Common Classifications for Electricians

5190 - Electrician /electrical contractor

5190 – Installation of electrical wiring systems within buildings

5190 - Low voltage electrical work

7605 - Burglar And Fire Alarm Installation

9516 - Home Theater Equipment - Installation, Service or Repair

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Get Workers’ Compensation for Electricians today!

Electricians workers compensation insurance will cover your employees if they are hurt while working on a job site. The insurance company will cover injuries that couldn’t have been prevented and even those that happen from careless mistakes. Make sure your employees are protected by an electrical contractor’s insurance company that will help them get back to work quickly. Start your instant quote today to find out the electrician insurance cost for your company.

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Helpful tips to save money

Choosing electrical contractors insurance services may sound simple, but doing it wrong can be very costly. Here’s how to save money:

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Classify your workers correctly
For example - Employees who do clerical work have a different code (8810). Lumping them together with manual labors will increase your premium.

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Don't underestimate your payroll
You will be expected to pay the difference at the end of the policy.

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Have a clear process to report claims
...and make sure your employees know about it. This will make the entire experience easier for all involved. 

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Report every incident
- even if it didn't result in a large injury. Some things which seem insignificant can snowball into costly issues.

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Prepare for your audit
Every policy is audited at the end of 12 months. Keep your payroll records and files neat so you don't have issues later!

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FAQ's on Workers' Comp for Electricians

How quickly can I get my certificate of insurance?

Certificates are usually issued 24 hours after the policy is bound.
Let us know if you need it quicker and we will rush it.

I am an electrician by trade that performs solar panel installation on roofs. How should I classify my business? 

Although the work being performed may be electrical work, the business should be classified under the Roofing class code 5551 and not the Electrical class code 5190.

Am I considered an electrician if I work with telecommunications and coaxial cables in my IT business?

No, most states classify this type of work under code 7600 as a telecommunications company, not as electrical work.

State laws on Workers' Comp for Electricians

Workers' compensation is regulated at the state level, so rules and penalties vary by state.

For example, New Jersey requires coverage for any business with one employee. Florida, on the other hand, requires it for general businesses with four or more employees and construction companies with even one employee.

If you’re an employer, you should research the specific laws in your state to ensure you’re complying with workers' comp requirements. 

Choose your state from the dropdown to learn more.
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Need other types of insurance for Electricians?

Yes, we can help with that too!

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Why does it matter?

  • Avoid surprise bills at audit
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  • Protect yourself from lawsuits

What do we check?

  • Business categorized correctly
  • Employees job roles
  • Special discount opportunities
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