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Workers' Compensation Insurance for Wholesalers & Retail Stores

Policies for retail stores, boutiques and warehousing locations

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Why do wholesalers and retail stores need
Workers' Compensation Insurance?

Comply with state laws

Comply with state laws

Avoid fines

Avoid fines

Protect your employees

Protect your employees

Protection from lawsuits

Protection from lawsuits

...'cause they can get hurt

Searching for workers compensation for wholesalers and retailers? With our policy, you can feel more comfortable and confident about risk management and coverage for injured employees.

  Common retail worker injuries

  • Slips and falls
  • Bruises, fractures, and broken bones
  • Repetitive strain injuries

Common types of Wholesalers & Retail Workers' Comp workers we can insure

Clothing Store Insurance

Clothing Store

E-Commerce Retailers Insurance

E-Commerce Retailers

E-commerce Wholesalers Insurance

E-commerce Wholesalers

Grocery Store Insurance

Grocery Store

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What type of injuries does
Workers' Comp Insurance cover?

Workers' comp insurance covers both the employer and the injured worker. Like all types of insurance, it acts as a safety net in case of an accident.

If a worker gets hurt on the job, the insurance company will help cover the costs associated with their care so the worker is well taken care of until they return to work.

Since the company had a workers' comp policy, they do not need to pay anything towards the bills.

What will Wholesalers & Retail Workers' Comp Workers' Comp Insurance pay for?

  • Medical bills
  • Rehab and therapy expenses
  • Lost wages and disability benefits
  • Funeral cost
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How much does Workers' Comp Insurance
for wholesalers and retail stores cost?

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What's the cost based on?

The National Council of Compensation Insurance (NCCI) sets a fixed rate for every industry.

The rate is based on the level of risk for that job description.

Premiums are primarily calculated by using your payroll numbers and your NCCI class code.

Common Classifications for Wholesalers & Retail Stores

0360 - Third Party Logistics / 3PL

7360 - Freight Forwarding & Handling

8001 - Store: Florist & Drivers

8002 - Automobile & Car Rental Company

8006 - Self-Service Gasoline Station With Convenience/Grocery Shop

8008 - Store: Clothing, Apparel or Dry Goods

8010 - Store: Hardware

8013 - Store: Jewelry, Hearing Aids, Eye Glasses

8015 - Quick Printing-Copying or Duplicating Service

8017 - Retail Store

8018 - Wholesale Store

8018 - eCommerce & Mail Order

8033 - Supermarket / Grocery

8037 - Superstores And Warehouse Clubs

8039 - Department Store - Retail

8044 - Store: Furniture

8045 - Pharmacy

8293 - Warehouse - Furniture Moving & Storage

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Helpful tips to save money

Choosing wholesalers & retail workers compensation insurance services may sound simple, but doing it wrong can be very costly.

Here’s how to save money:

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Classify your workers correctlyFor example - Employees who do clerical work have a different code (8810). Lumping them together with manual labors will increase your premium.

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Don't underestimate your payroll
You will be expected to pay the difference at the end of the policy.

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Have a clear process to report claims
...and make sure your employees know about it. This will make the entire experience easier for all involved. 

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Report every incident- even if it didn't result in a large injury. Some things which seem insignificant can snowball into costly issues.

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Prepare for your audit Every policy is audited at the end of 12 months. Keep your payroll records and files neat so you don't have issues later! A Wholesalers & Retail Workers' Comp Workers’ Compensation Audit Checklist can help.

Prepare for your audit Every policy is audited at the end of 12 months. Keep your payroll records and files neat so you don't have issues later! A Wholesalers & Retail Workers' Comp Workers’ Compensation Audit Checklist can help.

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FAQ's on Workers' Comp for wholesalers and retail stores

How quickly can I get my certificate of insurance?

We usually issue certificates 24 hours after the policy is bound.
Let us know if you need it quicker and we will rush it.

We sell retail through e-commerce websites and operate out of a warehouse setting without a brick and mortar storefront. How should we classify our business?

Due to the operations primarily occurring in a warehouse setting the applicable class code would be 8018 Wholesale and not 8017 Retail.

State laws on Workers' Comp for wholesalers and retail stores

Workers' compensation is regulated at the state level, so rules and penalties vary by state.

For example, New Jersey requires coverage for any business with one employee. Florida, on the other hand, requires it for general businesses with four or more employees and construction companies with even one employee.

If you’re an employer, you should research the specific laws in your state to ensure you’re complying with workers' comp requirements.

Choose your state from the dropdown to learn more.

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Need other types of insurance for wholesalers and retail stores?

Yes, we can help with that too!

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Why use Kickstand to
get workers' comp insurance?

Speed + Service + Experts

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Why does it matter?

  • Avoid surprise bills at audit
  • Make sure all your employees are properly covered
  • Protect yourself from lawsuits

What do we check?

  • Business categorized correctly
  • Employees job roles
  • Special discount opportunities
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