What is the Acord 25?

February 10, 2023
Mordechai Kamenetsky

An ACORD 25 is a certificate of insurance, and it is generally a one-page document that provides a summary of the most important information regarding your business insurance policy. This page is often called a workers’ comp certificate of insurance among other names. The form essentially serves as proof that a company has insurance coverage, and it can be provided by your insurance company when you purchase a business insurance policy.

ACORD, which stands for the Association for Cooperative Operations Research and Development, was created in the 1970s. The goal was to help reduce confusion by creating standardized forms including the certificate of insurance for workers’ compensation.

The ACORD workers’ comp certificate of insurance covers a host of different information. Below, we will be looking at different parts of the form to give you a better idea of what it will contain.

How to read an Acord 25

At the top of the certificate, which you will see below, there is the name, address, and contact information for the agent of record and you the policy holder, along with various insurers including their NAIC number. 

NAIC stands for the National Association of Insurance Commissioners. Each underwriting company receives a specific NAIC number.

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In the next section, you will find the bulk of the information. This will include things like the policy number, the effective dates, limits, endorsements, such as a waiver of subrogation, etc. all of this information will show up in this section. 

It can include the types of insurance, including commercial general liability, automobile liability, umbrella liability, excess liability, and workers’ compensation and employers’ liability.

There will also be a section on the form where additional information, such as descriptions of vehicles, locations, etc. can be added if necessary. 

This tends to be where the most important information is located and will include the sorts of info your clients will need before deciding to hire you.

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At the bottom will be the name of the certificate holder, cancellation information, and the signature of an authorized representative.

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Now that you have a better understanding of what these certificates include, you’ll want to understand just why you might need them and how they will benefit you.

One of the nice things about this form is that it can provide information about all of your insurance policies. This reduces the amount of paperwork you will need when clients are looking for proof of insurance. 

One simple form tends to be all they need. While this might seem like a small benefit, it does make things a lot easier.

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