A Quick Guide to Home Healthcare Workers’ Comp Insurance

The Kickstand Team
November 2, 2022

Owning any business, regardless of the industry, means making moves to protect it. Keeping your company’s reputations in good light, as well as protecting the safety of your employees, should always be a top priority. 

Whether you’re a home health services business owner or manager of a home health agency, you should protect your workers similarly to how you protect clients and patients in your care. 

Working in the home healthcare industry comes with a slew of responsibilities, but you shouldn’t have to waste your time trying to understand health care workers’ compensation insurance

Here’s our quick guide to home health care workers’ compensation:

Why do you need Workers’ Compensation Insurance for Home Health Care?

There’s no denying that the healthcare industry is a hazardous one. Sprains, strains, and broken bones, as well as infections and bloodborne diseases, all raise the potential risk of your employees getting hurt or ill. A workers’ compensation plan gives you the resources to:

  • Comply with laws that are specific to your state or region
  • Avoid fines associated with accidents
  • Protect your employees from lost wages when out on medical leave
  • Protect your own company from damages associated with lawsuits

What does Home Health Care Workers’ Compensation Insurance cover?  

When a staff member gets hurt on the job, the responsibility falls on the business owner (and in this case, that’s you). Investing in a home health aide workers’ compensation policy gives you the necessary resources to pay for their medical bills, rehab and therapy expenses, and lost wages, as well as costs associated with after-life care if a tragic incident occurs. 

What to know about Home Health Care Workers’ Comp Class Codes 

The National Council on Compensation Insurance (NCCI) codes are used by insurance providers to decide the rate of a specific policy. Essentially, each code is created to properly identify an industry of work and match it with a rate that displays the potential for risk associated with that specific job title. 

Without health care workers’ comp class codes, insurance companies have a harder time assessing the risks associated with this field, which ultimately impacts the price point set for compensation rates and premiums.

There are quite a few common workers' comp class codes for the health care industry, make sure you have the correct one.

Looking for the right Home Health Aide Workers Compensation Policy?

Finding a home healthcare workers compensation plan that fits your budget doesn’t have to be impossible. At Kickstand Insurance, we have an instant quote generator that can provide a workers’ compensation premium for your business, with zero risk involved. Simply enter the type of roles that align with your home health care business, and we’ll take care of the rest.

If you’re satisfied with your quote and you’re ready to move forward with Kickstand, all you have to do is click the proceed button. Then, one of our agents or specialists will reach out to you to get your policy in place.  

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