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Sori Apfelbaum
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September 4, 2023

By 2027, the global heating and cooling market size is expected to be $288 billion. That’s a huge amount of money and you should position your HVAC business to gain as much of it as possible. 

While there are many ways to do this, excellent HVAC marketing is a huge part of the process. People have to know you exist in order to find and hire your company.

Coming up with great marketing ideas for HVAC companies is a different skill set than fixing broken air conditioners, tuning up furnaces, or installing air quality systems. 

An effective marketing strategy may seem complicated when you also need to handle tech scheduling, call booking, customer service, and all the other essential parts of running an HVAC company.

However, it doesn’t have to be as difficult as it seems. HVAC marketing can be handled with ease if you have a plan and follow the appropriate steps. This article is going to delve into how to create the best marketing for your business without losing sight of the other parts of your company. Keep reading to find out how you can maximize your reach and gain success. 

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Start by brainstorming

Start by brainstorming

The first step to effective marketing is to do some brainstorming. This is where you sit down, pull out a notebook, and write down all the ways you could drum up some extra business. Get creative and let your mind run wild. The important thing is to make the list as extensive as possible. You’ll weed out the crazy ideas later.

Not sure where to start? 

Here are some examples you can use:

  • Customer referrals
  • Referrals from friends and family members
  • Marketing to people you bump into
  • Leaving business cards in strategic locations
  • Making social media pages
  • Creating a listing on Google Maps
  • Placing an ad in a local phone book
  • Adding your information to online directories
  • Handing out information at schools
  • Marketing to people in organizations you engage with

Feel free to add any other ideas you have. You may not use all or even a large portion of these but you need to have your options in front of you before you move on.

Narrow down the best marketing options

Narrow down the best marketing options

Now that you’re armed with tons of ideas on your brainstorming list, it’s time to narrow them down a bit. Rank each idea based on how easy it is to do and how successful you expect it to be. Both of these are perks but if an idea is both highly simple and apt to offer results, you want to jump on it.

There are a few examples we can share to make this easier. For instance, asking clients to mention you to others who need HVAC work is simple and free. 

Setting up a Facebook page or placing an ad in the newspaper is equally simple though it will take a bit more effort. 

On the other hand, going to a networking event could be more challenging and may or may not result in bringing in new customers.

Go through all your ideas and rank them so you have an idea of what the best ideas are to begin with. You can always try others at a later date.

Put your list away somewhere safe so you will be able to find it in a month’s time when you reevaluate. 

Create a chart with your top level ideas

Create a chart with your top level ideas

Step three of this process is to make a chart. Take 2 sheets of paper and turn them to landscape format. Next, fold each paper into four to six columns. Write one idea across the top of each column and then hang the chart up on your wall where you can see it every day.

This is going to be used to determine which marketing ideas work for you and which you might be better passing on.

Record each lead on the chart

Record each lead on the chart 

Every time you get a new client or a lead, write it down on the chart. Place it under the relevant marketing idea so you know what brought someone to your company for HVAC services. Keep doing this for about a month and then look at the data you have. 

It is very important not to skip this step. Don’t assume you can keep track of it in your head. You will be very surprised what ends up working if you track it daily. Our minds do not accurately track these things.

This should be long enough to see what is working and what isn’t. You can make a new chart at this point with the strategies that work and substitutions for what didn’t if you want to further hone your strategy. Use your original list for additional ideas.

Extra tips for marketing your HVAC Company

Extra tips for marketing your HVAC Company

Now that you’ve tested your ideas and know which are working for you, that doesn’t mean the process is over. In fact, this is only the beginning of your journey to HVAC marketing excellence. But don’t worry. Our first tip here is a simple one. 

Show your passion

Show your passion

You need to put your heart and soul into whatever marketing methods you choose. If it comes across like you don’t really care about what you’re saying, customers are going to notice and you may not gain the growth you hope for. 

With that in mind, below are several other tips that are sure to push you in the direction you want to go.

Always be professional

Always be professional

Putting a bit of effort into being professional can go a long way. For instance, would you rather contact someone at hvacpro@yahoo.com or another person at John@hvacsystems.com? The second is going to be more professional and make it more likely for customers to trust you. 

Not sure how to create a custom email address? Visit YouTube and you can find tons of tutorials. It will only take an hour or two of your time to set up and costs less than $100 a year. 

Another method to infuse professionalism into your HVAC marketing is by setting up an appropriate voicemail message. You should sound like a business, not someone who is doing this as a hobby.

Only invest when needed

Only invest when needed

Investing in a professional email address may be worthwhile but not all expenditures will be. For instance, having someone create a custom logo might cost a lot and do little to help your marketing. Make sure you spend money on the things that matter.

List your business on Google 

List your business on Google 

Posting your business on Google is a must. Your company needs to be where customers are and this is one of the biggest sources of traffic. However, there’s more to it than listing your business and walking away.

Once your business is listed, you need good reviews to draw others in. When you have happy customers, ask them to leave a review on your google listing.

This can be as simple as handing your clients a business card. Have a link or QR code on it and ask for reviews. This is a free and effective method of marketing your HVAC company. 

On the other side of the card, mention that they can pass it off to a friend who needs your services. This can lead to referrals.

Listing your business on Google and Facebook is actually more effective than spending hundreds of dollars and tens of hours on a website. 

A website will only come up when people are searching for you by company name whereas google and facebook listings will show your info to potential customers who are looking for HVAC services in your area.

Order magnets

Order magnets

Since your main job is to install and repair huge appliances, why not use those as a way to advertise? 

Leave a magnet on the item you worked on so others may see it and use you for their own HVAC needs. It will also be easily accessible for the client next time they need to call someone to repair the machine.

Network and share clients

Network and share clients

Networking is always a good idea. Look for people in complementary businesses who you can partner with. Many times companies get calls for services they don’t provide. If you team up with them, you can send them plumbing clients while they give your number to someone who needs a new air conditioner installed. 

Find people in similar businesses and reap the benefits of both of you having access to more prospects. 

Other HVAC marketing ideas

Other HVAC marketing ideas

There are tons of other ways you can market yourself without a lot of time or effort. For instance, make sure you have a signature on your emails that tells people what you do. Or use a large magnet on your company car to share your number, services, and company name.

The important thing is to remove anonymity. People can’t hire you if they can’t find you. If you put yourself out there and are comfortable sharing what you do, you’ll get business.

There is no magical way to market yourself and it does take hard work so you have to get out there and do it. Decide that you’ll do two or three marketing tactics every day and don’t go to bed without doing so.

Finally, consider creating a portfolio with evidence of your best work. Pictures of what you do can convince customers to choose you instead of a competitor. Take as much business as you can when the business is young so you can show your expertise and abilities.

Protecting your HVAC Business 

Protecting your HVAC Business 

While you incorporate these strategies, remember that marketing is important but so is protecting your business.

Many businesses are required to provide workers’ comp insurance for their employees by law. The good news is that you can reduce the costs of coverage and still have the much-needed protection. 

Even if you have 1099 employees, aren’t required to carry workers’ comp in your state, or are exempt as a sole business owner, it’s still a good idea to have a policy. 

Protect your business by accessing comprehensive workers’ compensation insurance. Kickstand Insurance can provide you with an online quote that ensures the security and safety of your HVAC business. 

You can also reach out to us at hello@KickstandInsurance.come to learn more about accessing the right insurance policy.

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Sori Apfelbaum

Sori Apfelbaum, co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer at Kickstand, is both an expert marketer and a skilled digital designer. Her passion to help small businesses is evident in her writing, where she shares insights on small business growth and smart marketing strategies.

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