Time Management Strategies for Entrepreneurs and Professionals

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Sori Apfelbaum
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February 9, 2024

Time is everything. Whether you’re trying to be more efficient in your professional or personal life or looking for better balance overall, mastering time management strategies for entrepreneurs and professionals is paramount. By optimizing how you spend your time, you will free up precious moments, empowering you to focus on priorities and achieve your goals more effectively. 

#1: Start with a Brain Dump

When you are feeling overwhelmed and have a million things to do, start by jotting everything down on paper. You can put work stuff and personal stuff on the same list. Add everything, both the tasks that have an urgent deadline and the non-timely tasks. 

If it's sitting somewhere in your brain, you're spending valuable energy trying not to forget about it. Instead, put it on paper and free up valuable brain space.

Highlight tasks that are very urgent and move those to the top of the list.

Next, choose everything that needs less than 5 minutes to complete. These are often tasks that need you to follow up or send information to someone else. It's easy to knock these out quickly and it gives time for the other person to respond so you aren't holding everything up.

Lastly, schedule or consolidate everything else onto a non-urgent list. Putting non-urgent items into a time frame on your calendar ensures that they are not forgotten and get done at some point.

#2: Optimize everything

Take a good look at all the tasks that you do frequently, whether it's daily, weekly or monthly.

Think if there is any way to do them more efficiently.  

Invest in tools or gadgets 

Invest in tools or gadgets 

Can you buy a tool or gadget that would help you get similar results more efficiently?

Is there a machine that can do anything you are currently doing manually like a paper shredder, envelope stuffer, snow blower or dishwasher? The world is full of gadgets designed to make tasks faster and more efficient. 

While many times we don't want to spend the money on such tools, they often pay for themselves quickly through the time they save. 

Use software to your advantage

Use software to your advantage

Much like the previous point, there is software that you can use to be much more efficient. Did you know there is free software that lets clients book appointments? You can even customize the times you're available and collect payment information upfront. 

You can also set up Google forms to gather information from clients and send them a convenient link to fill out the forms. 

Your invoice software probably has a feature that can remind clients to pay their invoices. Take advantage of it. 

Try to think about what you spend a lot of time on and see if something exists that can make it faster.

Batch tasks

Batch tasks

If you are doing the same tasks very frequently, can you do it in batches instead? Switching between different tasks taxes our brains, so if you can stay on one task for longer but do it less frequently, you will save time.

For example, instead of taking social media videos three times a week, shoot all three videos at once. That way, you only have to do your hair and makeup, get your background cleaned, set up your camera, and get into the zone mentally, once each week. Better yet, try to do two or even three weeks of content at once.

The same principle applies to making phone calls, answering emails and working on projects. Try to group similar tasks together and see how much easier it is to complete these tasks faster.

On the home front, do laundry once a week or one every two weeks instead of daily. Prepare larger amounts of food and freeze portions for another day. It takes nearly the same amount of time to make a large pot of soup as it does a small pot, but you can make six or more times as much!

If only this method worked for making my bed, I haven't figured out how to hack that one yet :)

Schedule routine tasks

Schedule routine tasks

Instead of trying to find time to do routine tasks, schedule them as recurring events on your calendar. Bonus points if you batch tasks and then schedule them - you're really winning at this game!

Tasks like paying bills, ordering supplies, meal planning and creating a grocery list for the week can all be planned and scheduled as recurring tasks. This will help you remember to do them and actually have time for them, since you have a time designated for them.

Utilize services

Utilize services

Can you use a service instead of doing it yourself? Not only does this free up brain space, but it can be cheaper to pay someone to do these tasks for you. 

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • How much do you earn per hour? 
  • How much time does it take you to complete these tasks? 
  • How much does it cost to have someone else handle these tasks?

For example, if you can bill at $50/hour and it takes an hour to drive to the grocery store, shop, check out, load the car and drive home, it’s much cheaper to use a service like WalmartPlus to shop for you.

If you are very busy and if it is cheaper to pay someone to do these tasks, don't think twice about it!

Here are some examples of tasks you can outsource:

  • Hiring cleaning help for your business location and home
  • Using a business supply store that offers phone or online ordering with delivery options
  • Placing grocery orders online for home delivery
  • Finding a dry cleaner or laundry service that offers pickup, washing, and drop-off services
  • Scheduling package delivery pickups to avoid waiting in line at the store


The golden rule is: don't do anything that someone else can do. 

Now obviously this will depend on what it would cost to pay someone to do it for you vs. how long it would take you but low level tasks should not be done by high level people. It's a very bad use of your time. 

This approach is similar to utilizing services, but in this case, it may not exist as a service. You have to identify the tasks to be delegated and figure out who can take care of it for you. 

This is especially important with things you aren't great at and consume a significant amount of your time. Consider hiring a part-time secretary to do administrative work or hiring a designer on Upwork to create a flier that will look better than anything you can do and it will be cheaper than if you spent hours tweaking it on Canva.

#3: Pair tasks that can be done together 

This strategy can effectively cut your time spent in half if you have some tasks that can be completed simultaneously.

For example, you can catch up on your sewing while watching the kids play in the tub.

You can listen to training while walking the dog or driving to work.

You can eat lunch while muted on a Zoom call that doesn't need your camera on. Shh! Don’t tell anyone :)

#4: Don't be a Perfectionist

There is a saying that goes, “done is better than perfect.” As a reformed perfectionist, I found it hard to hear at first. What this means is that sometimes completing a task is more important than making sure it’s perfect. The key word is “sometimes”. It's up to you to know when it applies.

Especially with tasks where perfection doesn't matter - whether it's folding laundry, sending an email or organizing supplies - don't waste the extra time making sure it’s perfect. You might be surprised by how much time you spend to make it just so. If you're a perfectionist, this one is really hard, but mastering this mindset shift can be incredibly liberating and reclaim tons of time.

#5: Be organized

If you’re not organized, you probably spend a lot of time trying to find where you put things or walking in circles.

Here are some tips:

  • Assign a designated place for everything
  • Categorize and label items so you can find them easily
  • Clean up daily or weekly and put everything away in its proper place
  • Keep frequently used items near where you use them - not down the hall or up the stairs
  • Keep an appropriate amount of extras so you don’t run short  

 In today's fast-paced world, effective time management isn't just about checking off tasks—it's about taking back control and boosting productivity. By embracing simple yet powerful strategies, entrepreneurs and professionals can make the most of every moment. 

Remember, it's not about perfection—it's about purpose. So, grab hold of your schedule and watch as newfound efficiency propels you toward your goals with confidence and clarity. Here's to a more empowered and productive journey ahead!

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