What Does Workers' Compensation NOT Cover?

August 8, 2022


Everything you need to know

Workers’ compensation plans are designed to provide your business and employees with a layer of protection when an accident happens on the job. 

But what exactly does this type of policy do for you? Does workers’ comp cover lost wages? Does workers' comp cover medical bills? Who isn’t covered by workers' compensation if multiple people get injured on your property?

These are all valid questions to consider while determining your need for a policy. 

From taking care of medical expenses and employees' wages, to taking care of legal fees if you’re faced with a lawsuit, workers' compensation is a great buffer for the unknown. But in most cases, these are the only factors that are covered under your workers' comp plan. 

What does Workers’ Compensation not cover? 

Understanding exactly what's covered on a basic policy can help improve your workplace efficiencies and workflows. Here’s what isn’t covered with workers' comp:

Getting in a car accident on the way to work

If one of your employees gets injured in a car accident while they’re en route to your place of work, they won’t be covered under workers' comp insurance. This type of policy covers workers when they clock in, or during the set hours, they are expected to be at work. Since your employee isn’t technically on the clock when they’re on the way to work, there’s no coverage. 

An “Accident”

If you find that your employee planned the incident or caused the “accident” on purpose, the medical damage and lost wages won’t be covered. Intentional acts are not covered under a workers' comp policy. 

When workplace policies are violated

If your employees violated your specific workplace policies or protocols and then got injured, there’s no coverage.

Common illnesses

Headaches, fever, the common cold, and other everyday illnesses are not covered by workers’ compensation.


If your employees get injured while messing around in your place of work (or doing anything that doesn’t involve following the workday agenda), they won’t be covered.  

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Owning a small business is one of the most exciting adventures, but we know that accidents happen. Protecting yourself and your employees is a smart way to safeguard your business, show your appreciation for the hard work of your employees, and keep a positive reputation. 

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