How to Get Workers’ Comp Insurance Online

March 21, 2022


Workers' compensation insurance is a vital part of any business. If you're not covered and an employee gets injured on the job, your business could be liable for a lot of money.

Additionally, depending on your number of employees and industry, you may be legally required to carry workers' compensation insurance.

Not only is it important to have workers' compensation insurance, but it's also important to find the right workers’ comp insurance company and get coverage as soon as possible.

In this blog post, we will walk you through how to get workers' comp insurance online at Kickstand Insurance. We'll cover everything from how to determine if your industry is covered to how to fill out the instant quote form.

So, whether you're just starting out in business or you've been operating for years, make sure you read this post!

Why you need Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Workers compensation insurance is mandatory in most states, but even if it's not required in your state, you should still have it.

There are a few reasons for this:

  • First and foremost, workers' compensation insurance protects your employees. If an employee is injured or killed on the job, workers' comp will provide them or their family with financial support.
  • Workers' comp coverage also protects your business. If an employee sues you for damages, workers' compensation insurance can help cover those costs.

Workers' compensation insurance is a good investment. It's relatively affordable, and it can save you from costly lawsuits down the road.

How to get Workers’ Comp Insurance

The process of getting workers' comp insurance online is relatively simple. You can get started by filling out our instant quote form to get a sense of how much your business will need to pay for coverage.

The instant quote form will ask for information such as your industry, location, contact info, owner info, payroll, and classification. From there, our underwriting team will review your application before you purchase the policy to ensure accuracy. If necessary, they may ask you to provide some additional information. 

Kickstand Insurance can write policies for many industries. Some high-risk industries, like roofing, are harder to insure, but we're happy to work with you to find a policy that fits your needs.

Get Workers' Compensation Insurance online

Kickstand Insurance offers online workers' compensation insurance for small and medium-sized businesses in most states. We make it easy to get the coverage you need quickly and easily.

We currently serve 10 states within the USA. These are: Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Missouri, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, and Virginia. Not in one of those states? We can still get you a quote, simply fill out our form and a licensed agent will be in touch with you.

If you're looking for an easy way to get workers' compensation insurance online, check out our instant quote form. You can get a quote online in minutes.

To get started, simply enter your business information into the form . We'll ask about the size of your business, industry type, and payroll. Once you submit the form, you'll get an instant quote.

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